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Welcome to WCONLINE, your home for scheduling appointments at West Point's William D. Mounger '48 Writing Center! To get started at the MWC, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. 


The MWC is closed for summer; we re-open for consultations in the fall. Congratulations to the graduating Firsties, and best wishes to all for a successful and enjoyable summer! 



Curious about what happens when the MWC re-opens in the fall? READ BELOW!!


The Mounger Writing Center (MWC) is on the second floor of Jefferson Hall (NE Wing). 

Hours during the fall and spring semesters: Mon-Fri afternoons, 1230-1600; Sun-Thurs evenings, 1930-2200. (We're closed on holidays, over holiday weekends, and on modified-schedule days.)

We sponsor one-on-one peer consultations, group workshops, and special events for all Cadets working on any kind of writing or communications assignment for any purpose. Appointments also available for faculty and staff during weekday afternoons with Postgraduate Writing Fellows. For more information, check out the Writing Center tabs on our webpage!

We can also talk with you about writing you're doing out of personal interests or to pursue professional opportunities. MWC staff are trained to assist you with at any stage of the writing process, whether clarifying an initial focus, developing a thesis, structuring an argument, integrating and documenting sources, or revising and polishing a draft. We won't edit or proofread papers, but we will help you learn to identify and rework patterns of error or awkwardness.

Our mission is to engage you in sustained, focused conversations that help you to express your ideas more clearly and to become skilled readers and revisers of your own writing. The sooner you come in, the more we can do!



  • Clients may schedule only one appointment per day.
  • Cadets may schedule a maximum of two appointments for any given piece of writing.
  • Cadets may not schedule any appointments for writing on the same day their assignment is due.
  • Cadets must cite all sessions with us in your final work according to guidelines in the DAW.

 For more information, check out the Cadet FAQ on our webpage!


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